Wireless pitch wheel to your keyboard

Do you have a keyboard in your studio that lacks a decent pitch wheel? This iPhone app from Klevgrand is exactly what you need!


The Loudness War Has Been Won!

First read these quotes. Then think about what this means for us professionals! Our first interest is to make our music sound great where people listen to it, right? So will this effect the way we mix and master our albums? Most likely: YES!

“iTunes Radio’s audio levels are fully-regulated, using Apple’s Sound Check™ algorithm.”

“…consumers and musicians who listen to iTunes Radio will quickly discover that Radio sounds more consistent than their playlists, that they don’t have to turn their volume controls up and down when listening to Radio”

“iTunes Radio [now] reveals that overcompressed songs sound worse, and not louder than their competition”

Read the press release from Bob Katz.

ID22 and Apollo twin

There are two new audio interfaces right now that I find really interesting. It’s the Audient ID22 and the UA Apollo Twin. Now the Apollo has built in processor power to host their famous UA plugins, which is great, but other then that, it seems like they are both targeting the same consumers. They are made for small home studios that require high quality. Low latency DSP mixer for great monitoring, a hands on approach with a minimum of menus and a BIG easy to use control knob in the center. Two really good preamps, expandable by Adat to 10 inputs, enough to record a whole drum kit! I really can’t see anything wrong with any of these products. Great work, both of you!